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 "As soon as you put two things together, 
      you get a story".

   John Baldessari

To convey images about the infinite connotations emerging from ones personal life experience, sounds so vast that becomes upsetting. It’s exactly here where Celeste Najt explores. She strives to show the impossible: Sensational dilemmas converted into thoughts and, why not, evolving into subtle notes, which communicate with the work, musicalising the encounter. Her narrative is multiple: words are mixed with textures, forming compositions which are completed with digital images and unique strokes. Kind colours are assembled and treasured together with found objects. She’s like a seamstress, extremely delicate in treating her snippets. These extracts of material are the bits and pieces of those relations between the inexplicable, knitted in some kind of synoptic map which exposes and analyzes the complexities of existence. 

Josefina Barcia, curator.

Celeste Najt is an artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

She studied art at the University of Arts in Buenos Aires and holds a degree in Photography.

In the year 2007 she opened her own art gallery in Buenos Aires: El tigre Celeste, in order to promote emerging art and provide her work with an appropriate exhibition framework.

For almost ten years she has worked as corresponsal for Shift Japan Magazine and Shift City Guide, writing about Buenos Aires, Berlin, Amsterdam and Zurich.

Celeste did a great number of art experiences in Europe, US and Argentina -residencies, exhibitions, workshops- entering into a journey in which the experience of the movement became the oeuvre itself. 

Her works were exhibited in Buenos Aires, Berlin, Miami, New York, Carlisle (UK), Amsterdam, Amersfoort, Zurich, Gothenburg,  Stockholm, Umeå, Bergen, Stavanger, Oslo, Helsinki​, Nagoya (Japan).

She is half of Najt Lix Studio, a motion and still studio.