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"As soon as you put two things together, you get a story".

John Baldessari


Studio, Berlin,  Germany, 2022


Born 1983 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lives and works in Berlin



Celeste Najt’s work speaks about relations, but not exclusively interpersonal ones. Her quest is more ambitious: Relations themselves are captured and expressed on canvas. Connections -or disconnections- are manifested in the ways the parts communicate, thus building an all-embracing totality which generates a cycle when regarded as a part. Celeste illustrates the cycles of existence, her own existence.


Her work recalls the ways of a cabinet of curiosities, which allows one to arrive to the notion that a box of cigarettes is a worthy specimen to study in depth. Her artistic work is somewhat of a paradox: digital, actual and urbane at first sight, and at the same time referring to timeless issues; generating natural forms; and, in spite of a careful design, with a usually imperfect finish. Not casually, her works always conserve its handicraft essence.


The first body of work she explored was collage. Back then, photography occupied the center of the oeuvre, leading her to complete a degree on the technique to produce her own raw material for her compositions.

After a long period working with digital collage (2005-2009), Celeste started to leave aside the digital tools returning to the use of organic materials such as wood for her sculptures and painting for her two-dimensional work.

Currently she continues to work combining the three materialities but taking more risky decisions, not complementing them inside of one single work but creating a cohabitation between the different art pieces. She was always interested in the treatment of the works as a whole made out of parts and the interaction between techniques acts as a bridge inside her practice.

She has exhibited in Buenos Aires, Berlin, Miami, New York, Carlisle (UK), Amsterdam, Zurich, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Umeå, Bergen, Stavanger, Oslo, Helsinki and Nagoya (Japan).

She has done residences in Norway, The Netherlands and Switzerland.


My work combines different mediums and artistic disciplines. My research is about how much the meaning of a single Work can change, by the interrelation with other Works. A work is created but not finished, an endless number of related Works might follow it.

I´m devoted to use one´s history as a stage, focusing on communication issues between people, common expectations and disappointments.

My intention when creating is to manage to generate a work-spectator game in which habitual perception is replaced by a new perception, one of the mechanism to reach this is by taking almost ignored elements from daily life and placing them in the spotlight in the piece. It is a kind of experiment with elements which, on their own, cannot attain what they manage when they are interrelated.A sort of socialist utopia is thus created, which is realised effectively on canvas.


Reciprocal relationships, equality, the possibility of creating a 'whole' from the 'parts', something that seems to be further and further away of really coming to happen in present-day societies after the complete loss of the sense of 'tribe' or 'community' and the advancement of the every day more predatory decaying capitalism that fractures everything and upsets the balance. My reply to such phenomenon is to seek balance in a virtual manner, inventing an answer for the deficiencies of real life in my work, something like a parallel society or a more peaceful world to inhabit in which we can see ourselves reflected and which we might feel inspired to turn into our reality.

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