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- 2024, Lateral Galería, Espinosa Estudios, Buenos Aires, Argentina. May 17th - June 2nd. 




- 2023, Quimera Galería, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  

- 2021, Entdecke, Botschaft der Argentinische Republik, Berlin, Germany. 

- 2015, Buenos Aires is Being Enigmatic, Cyan Gallery, Oslo, Norway. 

- 2015, Black Excursions, NDSM Treehouse, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

- 2015, Gathering Individual Worlds, Detroit Stockholm Gallery, Sweden. 

- 2014, Future Expectations, Everlasting Nostalgia, Okazi Gallery, Berlin, Germany.  

- 2014, Ainiaaksi o Para Siempre,  XL ARTSPACE, Helsinki, Finland. 

- 2014, Here, There & Nowhere, Studio 17 Gallery, Stavanger, Norway.

- 2014, The Unexpected Part of Life III: Sweden, Trailer Gallery, Umeå, Sweden.

- 2013, The Unexpected Part of Life II: Norway, Ono Gallery, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway.

- 2013, Celeste Najt, Buenos Aires, Salongen Rom for Kunst, Bergen, Norway.

- 2013, Mind States, Van der Helst Plein Exposities, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

- 2013, The Unexpected Part of Life, Wäscherei Kunstverein, Zurich, Switzerland.

- 2013, Geography Studies , OG9 Ateliers, Kunsthaus Aussersihl, Zurich, Switzerland.                                                                               

- 2012, Why Can´t Life Always be this Easy?, NDSM Treehouse, Amsterdam, Netherlands..

- 2012, Vital Excursions, Rum 26 Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden.                                         

- 2012, Painting the New Path, AWA Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands.                                 

- 2012, Polaroids, The Observant, Amersfoort Fotostad, Amersfoort,  Netherlands..                                                                              

- 2009, How to Draw a Map from Buenos Aires to Badger Badger, Badger Badger Projects, Carlisle, UK.

- 2008, Bonus Track Time, Praxis International Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

- 2008, Registro de Viaje, Apice Arte Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

- 2007, Changing your Mind, INC Berlin Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

- 2006, Post Europe Sensation I, Villa Borghese Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 


-2016, First Exhibition in Japan, with Matías Lix Klett, C7C Gallery, Nagoya, Japan.


- 2022-23 You Never Know when the Bridge Falls Apart, Studio Trouble,  Berlin, Germany.

- 2021, Unblock Art Fair - Studios ID, Berlin, Germany.

- 2016, Closing exhibition of Dajaus Residency - Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

- 2015, Haber el Espacio, Laboratorio Art Space, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

- 2013, Open Ateliers Noord, NDSM Treehouse, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

- 2013, Tact, Supermarket Art Fair, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden. 

- 2012, Flamboyant Fusion, PUP Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

- 2011, Movistar Arte Joven, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

- 2011, Tetris, Consorcio de Arte Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

- 2011, Polaroid, Wussmann Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

- 2009, Summercamp, Exile Berlin Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

- 2009, El tigre Celeste at Y gallery, Y Gallery New York, NYC, USA.

- 2008, El tigre Celeste flies to Miami, Art Vision Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA.

- 2008, Zoom - El tigre Celeste, Dacil Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

- 2007, Skycraper Collective, El tigre Celeste, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

- 2006, El tigre Celeste, El tigre Celeste Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

- 2004, Estudio Abierto, organized by Buenos Aires Government, Argentina. 


- 2016, Dajaus Residency, Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

- 2014, Collage Workshop Conduction at BMW Welt Museum, MINI Art Fair, Munich, Germany. 

- 2013, Kunstnarhuset Messen Residency – Ålvik, Norway.

- 2013, Taoh Residence, Tou Scene - Stavanger, Norway.

- 2013, Index Freiraum Residency, Kunsthaus Aussersihl - Zurich, Switzerland.

- 2012, Kunstenaarlogies Residency- Amersfoort, Netherlands.

- 2012, 24 hs Residence, AWA, OT Gallery - Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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