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2004 was a year of learning, the second one studying at the Institute of Arts. It can be resumed as a year full of painting, art theory, European old movies, and long trips to La Boca district (where the university was located). I used to use these trips to read, -Henry Miller, Lawrence Durell, Blaise Cendrars-.  I was supposed to learn digital arts at the school, but the program was extremely slow and the equipments not very much up-to-date, so I started an autonomous learning of software.  Tones of experimentations lead me to become a specialist on the digital composition, results that we can see from 2005 onwards.  In october I did my first public presentation in Argentina at Estudio Abierto, an event organised by the Buenos Aires city government . In a showcase window of the historical Barolo Palace I exhibited the complete Chicken Lips series.

At the end of 2003 the introduction with Arthur Russell's music made a truly incisive effect on my work. I spent the second half of this year  designing my first website, which was entirely designed by me as an oeuvre in itself. 


Estudio Abierto, organised by Buenos Aires Government, Palacio Barolo, Argentina,   

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