2008 was a year of several interesting exhibitions: Celeste did two solo shows from her digital series in the renowned Argentinian Galleries Praxis and Apice. 

On the frame of her own gallery project, El tigre Celeste, she organised two group exhibitions in Buenos Aires and Miami. 

In addition, her digital works were published on the german magazine Gudberg. 


Bonus Track Time, Praxis International Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Registro de Viaje, Apice Arte Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.                    



El tigre Celeste flies to Miami, Art Vision Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA.(as artist and gallerist)
Zoom - El tigre Celeste, Dacil Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina. (as artist and gallerist)

Quick overview of 2008 exhibitions









Bonus track is the spare time, the moments off daily duties.

When "real" time ends, bonus track time makes its appearence,

an abstract time begins, the time of art.

From the latin, Bonus: bono (good or nice).

Bonus track its the last theme of an album, an extra

included at the album´s end, an outsider piece

created at the last moment. With the particularity of being

separated from the rest of the musical concept.

Bonus is All: the bonus, the passport to all the colours in this serie,

a reflection of how limitations in our daily schedule can make time even more productive,

and this demands from us to be concrete, determined,

creatives and starbbed on the way we perform over an idea.

Bonus is not being just an extra, or the last thing to be added. It´s being special instead.

Its a way of making the most out of the limited timmings of our days.

In this way time turns intense, creative and productive.

Bonus as a special guest, of an album, or of the creative piece.







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