2013 was a year full of experiences. On the first half of the year, Celeste together with a group of artists (Tact) organised a stand for the Supermarket Stockholm Art Fair. When the fair ended she took a flight to Zurich,  to immerse in a 2 months residency at INDEX - OG9 studios, which ended with a solo exhibition at Wäscherei Kunstverein . After that, she travelled to the Netherlands to mount a solo show of 16 digital collages in a gallery consisting on 10 glass windows facing the streets of Amsterdam.

The second part of the year was mostly spent in Norway: the first stop was TAOH Residency at Tou Scene -in Stavanger-, secondly a quick residency in Ålvik, then a solo show in Salongen rom for Kunst in Bergen, and lastly a solo show at ONO Gallery, in Oslo. 


Geography Studies , OG9 Ateliers, Kunsthaus Aussersihl, Zurich, Switzerland.  

The Unexpected Part of Life, Wäscherei Kunstverein, Zurich, Switzerland. 

Mind States, Van der Helst Plein Exposities, Amsterdam, Netherlands.    

Celeste Najt, Buenos Aires, Salongen Rom for Kunst, Bergen, Norway.

The Unexpected Part of Life II: Norway, Ono Gallery, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway.


Open Ateliers Noord, NDSM Treehouse, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Tact, Supermarket Art Fair, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden. 



Index Freiraum Residency, Kunsthaus Aussersihl - Zurich, Switzerland.

Taoh Residence, Tou Scene - Stavanger, Norway.

Kunstnarhuset Messen Residency – Ålvik, Norway.

Quick overview of 2013 exhibitions and residencies studios.



"Condensing the change of the physical state" - Collage, Acrylic and ink on canvas, 100 x 80 cm.





The Unexpected part of Life is a project, which intends to create a parallel narration not only about specific places but about them in relation to the world. Celeste lives in a constant journey, looking for the subtle Unexpectedness in every step, in every place. Life is about seeing through things. So far she has made three chapters about this project that is probably going to last all her life. 

Using the resource of layers, I overlapped a piece of my work over the conventional view of railroads, workers, cars. The collage was made by using a ‘non recognizable’ piece of work between the viewer and the everyday action which happens in the back-scene.
My hand-made work is present in one simple shape, functioning as a frame, as a subject of separation between the Expected part of life and the Unexpected one.
By this mechanism I attempt to suggest which could be the interactive role of the artist with society, how the personal view can be related with the common space, provoking a new composition, new meanings, and also new ways of conceived time, space and ways of interaction.

Kvinnors hjärta (Women's Heart)

 Wood Sculpture made out of papers from books that Celeste found on the streets of Zurich,

 and others from her personal collection.




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