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Recyclable sculpture by Celeste Najt

Sculptures made with disposable containers transformed into unique pieces, lined with maps, as a transfer of a previous body of work in which I have made similar sculptures but using wood.
In this case I found it interesting to stop using a material such as wood, which is extracted from trees, and somehow harms nature, and instead use containers that I always find myself discarding. The main idea of the work is to transform a discarded item into a beautiful element, which inspires us to keep it as something precious, instead of automatically throwing it away generating more waste.

In addition to this intention, I decided to cover the pieces with maps from around the world. The final piece is a series of sculptures where the different lined volumes are stacked and combined, generating constructions of different sizes and shapes. In these assemblages, the maps meet, making distant places become united. This is how the sculptures become a proposal to see the world in a different way, mixing territories instead of emphasising borders.

Thinking about the things that are currently happening in our world, in which destruction or marginalisation still seem to be a form of negotiation, this is a humble way of representing the desire to inhabit a more harmonious and humane world.

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