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A few months ago I was invited by the Argentinian clothing brand Desiderata so that my work “Discoveries of a Mother” could be the inspiration for their new image. Two of its recently opened stores were designed along the lines of the artwork. In addition, a documentation of my daily routine of work was made in photo and videoThe videos were projected at the inauguration of the Unicenter store, while the facade of the Palermo store was totally intervened by the work, which will remain there for a year.  The second part of the collaboration was made with the painting "Rosa y Lunares". This time the artwork became a print for a shirt of the winter collection. 

The painting comes to life, merges with the shape of the body, gives up the wall and the static state to be part of the movement of the fabric. 

We are currently working in an upcoming Capsule for the 2024 Winter Collection.

Photo & Film by Najt Lix Studio

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